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Z Series vol.2

A collection of the most admired office chairs and sofas that have made many clients happy. Regardless of the scale of your business or the size of your budget, you will find in this catalogue a huge variety of office chairs and sofas that cater to even the most unique needs.

  • Mesh chair / Fabric chair / PU & Leather chair / Sofa & settee

Storage vol.2

Steel storage furniture and safe.

  • Filing cabinet / Mobile compactor / Pigeon hole
    Locker / Hostel wardrobe / Safe

Re-Charge Collection

Multipurpose furniture all combined here.

  • Training / Banquet / Public

Coffee Table vol.1.3

Coffee table with a unique design to match with your sofa set.

Stand Series

Adjustable standing desk available in electronic
and manual: designed to improve user’s health
and ergonomic working experience. The stand
can be used as a free-standing desk or in cluster with cabling management solutions.

Ingenious Series vol.2

A smart office solution that caters for your
workspace’s everyday needs.
Consisted of six versatile series, the Ingenious
Collection is celebrated for its flexibilty. Explore
the possibilities of every piece of furniture, and
use your creativity to set up a contemporary
and functional office.

I Series vol.2 (desking system)

Consist of 3 different designs. Stylish mild steel frame
and table legs with simplicity and timeless design for open
office, and multiple choices of desking panel to provide
comfort to employee to focus.

Presidential Series

Unique bulky, contemporary and
elegant design of director and
conference table.

Eagle Series

Workstation comes with chrome coated leg and multiple storage to select.

V Series (block system)

Consist of 3 types of workstation system,V40 Slim block system, V58 Block system and V80 Tiles system. Their flexibilty and durability meet the shifting demand of work, giving you the option to add on later. The designed wire mangement enables cabling to run through its internal structure. 

Cube Series

Cube series bring you flexibilty, multiple standard-size table and storage cabinets to support different work purpose such as teamwork, cluster, brainstorming and meeting. One design for the whole office.

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